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10/02/2018 18:38
Mahogany Rose is a tale of madness and science. It is set in a period when nations competed to set off nuclear explosions to show their  might. The book is set in the undeveloped former colony of Ghana, a society teetering on the scales of propserity and totalitarianism. The 'Black Star' was...

What is Tree of Faith?

01/24/2017 10:59
In today's world, we often define ourselves by religious affiliation and despite all evidence, we still believe our faith unique and in some way the only true faith. Faith arises from man's inherent desire to belong and unfortunately this sense is too often perverted by lust for power and...

Who is Rudi Bastler?

12/13/2016 18:27
Rudi Bastler is a Hungarian lawyer who is one of the leaders of Vaada. This organization acted as an intermediary between escaping Jews and the Nazis. They secured the release and liberty of many fleeing Jews, but their work had a dark side. After the war, Rudi is exposed as a collaborator who was...

Who is Janek Aniolov?

12/09/2016 14:21
Janek is a Polish Christian who is interned following the German invasion of Poland in 1939. He is one of the first members of the Auschwitz population and has a favored Kapo position in the Aufräumungs Kommando who collect the possessions of arriving inmates and deliver them into Kanada. He is...

Who is Griguri Elliot?

12/09/2016 14:11
Griguri Elliot is a descendant of a Russian immigrant. He is thoroughly American, except that he worked abroad most of his life. In WWII he works as a POW administrator in Regensburg and meets Matthew Dixon who is doing a similar job. He later works as a CIA operative in Vietnam, before a mid life...

Whispering Birches

12/09/2016 14:07
Rafael plays an important part in the Auschwitz story, in that he is a member of the crew that rebelled and destroyed the Krematorium in 1944. In arriving in the camp, he tries to lobby Janek the Aufräumungs Kommando Kapo to get him a place in Kanada, considered the land of Milk and Honey. Instead,...

Who is Rafael Romaniotes

12/09/2016 14:05
Rafael is a Greek Jew who is transported to Auschwitz. He grows up in the Pelopponese as the sone of a dentist. He is hopelessly romantic and dreams of becoming a poet in the time when Europe was invaded with horror.

Who are they?

12/08/2016 14:17
The Macanese are the characters of Banyan Veil and concern a Eurasian family who though strongly influenced by Catholic roots find their lives dominated by Taoist and Confucian thinking. It also includes the figure of Wan Kai Foon who is a Triad...

Who are they?

12/08/2016 14:14
Truth in Ash harshly examines the role of the church and in particular the Roman Catholic church in WWII. As part of this we see that the father and mother of Franz are Josef and Maria and that his story is told as a series of confessions by Mark, Peter, John and Luke.

Who are they?

12/08/2016 14:13
The Dixons are a family that straddle the east and west and are made up of grandfather, father and son. They appear as the protagonists in Fallen Beech, Mahogany Rose and Banyan Veil and see three different versions of the awakening of the dragon China. They are symbolic of the colonial influence...

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