Who are the Characters?

The Archangels

The Archangels appear in almost every religion of the west and vary according to religion. In some parts of the world they are more venerated than in others. In particular, an orthodox church is typically decorated with icons depicting one or several of the archangels. In the Tree of Faith series,...

The Pagans

Paganism is explored in the third book Fallen Beech where Franz and Lukas both play important roles. We see that the myth of Tyr subduing Fenrir the wolf is symbolically acted out in that Lukas's cruelty and the combined efforts of the angels defeats the bestial nature in Franz, thereby spinning...

The Biblicals

Blood Orange Blossom concerns the formation of Israel and so it was appropriate that the characters symbolize these efforts with reference to the Old Testament. We see in Rudi Bastler and his wife Noami, the myth of Noah's Ark, which follows through with him preserving the vine and banishing his...

Who are the Characters?

The Dixons

12/08/2016 14:06
The Dixons are a family that straddle the east and west and are made up of grandfather, father and son. They appear as the protagonists in Fallen Beech, Mahogany Rose and Banyan Veil and see three different versions of the awakening of the dragon China. They are symbolic of the colonial influence...

The Macanese

11/08/2016 14:14
The Macanese are the characters of Banyan Veil and concern a Eurasian family who though strongly influenced by Catholic roots find their lives dominated by Taoist and Confucian thinking. It also includes the figure of Wan Kai Foon who is a Triad member.

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