Magnolia Blue

China is waking and with its resurgence, the days of Hong Kong, jewel of a declined global empire, appear numbered. And yet, it still remains a place attracting exceptional opportunity, where relations and technical expertise turn upon a pin. Despite this, the growing influence of its neighbour is undeniable and anybody prepared to refute its growing importance a brave fellow.

Numbed by his broken relationships, Jude’s life is devoted to one passion, his role in the provision of water to the colony. He loses himself in a frantic activity with autistic fervour. That is, until he meets Em, the wife of a work friend. At first, Jude considers their liaison a casual affair, but as the neon lights of Hong Kong flash on and off and as the jack hammer screeches, he realizes that he is far more dependent on her than he would wish. Years later, Jude recounts the steamy tale to his son during a trip back to Hong Kong. His frank confession discloses real regret in not having pursued his dream.

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