Who is Franz Wolff?

Who inspired the character Franz Wolff?  The BBC programme by Lawrence Rees, reported upon the love story of Franz Wunsch and Helena Citronova. The characters of Franz and Elena in the book are inspired by these two, although it should be pointed out that no opinions expressed are actual...

Whispering Birches

Franz is the main character of the book, even though we never hear it from his own voice. He starts the book as a hardened SS veteran, but falls in love with Jewess Elena and ends up aiding the survival of the inmates that Auschwitz has been set up to destroy.  

Truth in Ash

Franz Wolff is again the main character of the book in that we see him from the perspective of family and colleagues in his extraordinary journey through life. The book centres upon his youth and his SS membership and wounding in the Leningrad campaign. Later on we see him in his life following the...

Fallen Beech

Franz Wolff makes a brief appearance in the book when he is questioned in the POW camp.  

Blood Orange Blossom

Franz Wolff appears briefly when he is sent by Dr. Weiss to warn the Hungarian Jewish Council. He meets Rudi Bastler who dismisses him as an infiltrator.