Who is Griguri Elliot?

12/09/2016 14:11
Griguri Elliot is a descendant of a Russian immigrant. He is thoroughly American, except that he worked abroad most of his life. In WWII he works as a POW administrator in Regensburg and meets Matthew Dixon who is doing a similar job. He later works as a CIA operative in Vietnam, before a mid life...

Fallen Beech

11/09/2016 14:16
We meet Griguri for the first time in the series when he is working in Lebanon looking after the refugee camps. He is a glamorous figure that Jeremy admires when Matt and him visit Tyre on their passage to Hong Kong. We see him later in the book when he interrogates Franz in the search for SS war...

Banyan Veil

10/09/2016 14:19
Griguri appears briefly in Banyan Veil as a CIA operative who organizes the Air America drug trafficking ring. We also hear through snatches of his son Tom who dies in the Vietnam conflict.