Who is Janek Aniolov?

12/09/2016 14:21
Janek is a Polish Christian who is interned following the German invasion of Poland in 1939. He is one of the first members of the Auschwitz population and has a favored Kapo position in the Aufräumungs Kommando who collect the possessions of arriving inmates and deliver them into Kanada. He is...

Whispering Birches

11/09/2016 14:26
In Whispering Birches, Janek plays the cynical hardened Kapo who has got used to death and deprivation. At the end of the camp, he is so hardened that he regrets leaving its bounds. He narrates the story of Franz's change from brutal SS guard to compassionate minder. He survives the camp, but we...

Truth in Ash

10/09/2016 14:30
In Truth in Ash, we hear Janek's story after the camp. He escapes during the Death Marches and then joins the Polish army. By coincidence, he meets up with Mihael who exhorts him to come with him and wreak vengance on Franz. However, Janek refuses, for he believes that Franz reformed. In the...