Mahogany Rose

About the Book

Author's Words

10/02/2018 18:38
Mahogany Rose is a tale of madness and science. It is set in a period when nations competed to set off nuclear explosions to show their  might. The book is set in the undeveloped former colony of Ghana, a society teetering on the scales of propserity and totalitarianism. The 'Black Star' was...

Author's Introduction

08/08/2016 20:47
Madness! Negative? Once defined as ‘repeatedly doing the wrong thing, in expectation of a different outcome’. Anything seems reasonable over a glass of wine and it stuck. Not because it was right, more because of the word ‘wrong’. A mad man believes he is right. In fact, he or she often considers...

The Book Cover

07/30/2016 10:43
Mahogany rose is the fifth book in the Tree of Faith series. Each book has a link to a tree and Mahogany is the tree of Africa. It stands for strength and nature. Its canopy holds life both birds and animals and during the book there is a sense that this nature was vulnerable to destruction by...


06/19/2016 21:55
Hiking through Switzerland, Jeremy learns of his father's past. Abandoned and left to go wild in war-torn Hong Kong, Jude is rescued by his wayward father Matthew. He tames his wild spirit and brings him back to England for a conventional education. A recovered Jude dreams of a university education...

Music to read the book

06/02/2016 10:19
Ghana has a rich musical heritage and there would be too much to choose from. The record that best encapsulates the book is a song marking their independence in 1957, Ghana we now have freedom by E.T. Mensah. for me the song speaks about the valid claim of Ghanaians to throw off the colonial...