Truth in Ash

Author's Introduction

11/22/2015 12:27
Roman! In AD 325, the Nicean council met under guidance of Emperor Constantine. Still the predominant political authority of civilization, the Roman empire had to contend with a new religion, one that had burgeoned and expanded with a ferocity that needed control. The council brought the factions...

The Book Cover

11/22/2015 11:00
The book cover is from the Auschwitz site. In the distance can be seen the remaining buildings of Kanada complex where Franz Wolff was guard and Elena Prikaznova inmate. The pond was used to dump ash originating from the Krematorium, a site of incredible peace and horror.

Music to read the Book

08/05/2015 23:50
Truth in Ash is a haunting story. The hero Franz loses his way by falling for the Nazi ideology. He loses family, home, the woman he loved and almost his soul. Everybody has their own taste but this music helped me write the book. Gregorio Allegri’s Misere, Wagner's...

Glossary of Terms

12/02/2014 00:11
Schönbrunn was the Hapsburg palace in Vienna built by Empress Maria Theresia. Stein is the traditional beaker used to drink beer in Bavaria. It was normally made of clay with a zinc top. Heuriger is the traditional Vienna wine taverns. Normally they sold their own wine but more recently they...