Who is Gavriil Ahrenski?

12/07/2016 15:22
Gavriil Ahrenski is a Russian officer who finds himself as a Prisoner of War placed into Auschwitz camp. He is a born survivor, having survived the partisan life, the cbear cage and Auschwitz itself. We see him being questioned after the war by the NKVD. His adversary is Victor Beria a young...

Whispering Birches

11/07/2016 15:28
In Whispering Birches, Gavriil recounts his tale of how he participated in the camp's uprising. His first encounter in the camp is Franz Wolff who protects him through the Sauna induction. He then ends up in Monowitz and is instrumental in the smuggling of gunpowder to the Auschwitz II site....

Truth in Ash

10/07/2016 15:30
In Truth in Ash, we see Gavriil in the final stages of his interrogation where he relates how he joined the Russian Liberation Army who his friend Vlasov is runing. He meets Franz his captor in the battle on the Oder and joins him in Prague where he is ordered to turn his guns on his SS colleagues....