Who is Mihael Rosenthal?

Who inspired the character Mihael Rosenthal? Mihael is a central character of the books 'Whispering Birches', 'Truth in Ash' and 'Blood Orange Blossom. The character has many parallels to a real person Walter Rosenberg aka Rudolf Vrba who played a prominent part in the Auschwitz story. It...

Whispering Birches

Whispering Birches is similar in respects to the story of the Vrba-Wetzler report, but ultimately Mihael and Walter are very different characters and intentionally so. In real life, there is no evidence of a link between Franz and Walter although they would undoubtedly have known each other...

Truth in Ash

In 'Truth in Ash', we see Mihael fighting with the Slovakian and Czech resistance, having failed in his crusade to stop the Hungarian transports. As the Prague Uprising begins, Mihael takes part in the occupation of the Prague Radio building, but is warned off from risking his life; his commander...

Blood Orange Blossom

Mihael plays a role in this book, though we never know exactly what. He defects to Israel during a scientific visit to Tel Aviv. He meets up with Daniel and provides Irgun with information concerning Rudi Bastler. His unforgiving nature eventually results in his exile and we see him dying in a...

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