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Author's Introduction

11/30/2016 15:05
Few faiths evoke as much debate as Judaism. As early as the bible, this race was persecuted. The legendary Moses leading his people across the Red Sea is an image that captivates every person who studied theology. Their history repeated itself in Spain, Russia and most recently in Germany....

Book Cover

11/30/2016 15:00
When visiting Israel, I was disappointed to find it so modernized. Growing up we bought oranges as 'Jaffa Orange', but you will no longer find an orange grove in Yafo as it is now known. The cities of Tel Aviv and Bethelehem and Nazareth are urban aglomerations far from the romantic notions that I...


11/30/2016 14:15
The book is split into two parts, the first taking place in Hungary and the second in Israel. The overiding theme concerns the different characters that formed the independence of Israel.  Book I sees Rudi Bastler trying to make his way in the newly formed Israel. Hailed by all as a hero on...