Author's Words

10/02/2018 18:38

Mahogany Rose is a tale of madness and science. It is set in a period when nations competed to set off nuclear explosions to show their  might. The book is set in the undeveloped former colony of Ghana, a society teetering on the scales of propserity and totalitarianism. The 'Black Star' was set to show the world that Africans could run their own economies and create countries of scale. Its leader was a fanatic who attempted to unite the Saharan nations into an alliance that would rival the superpowers of its time. Set in this wild expanse, we encounter Jude, an orphan brought up by a reckless and useless step father Matt. He stumbles into this stage and finds all his notions of science turned upside down. What was once a religion is exposed as a tool for madmen and there is nothing that he can do to prevent it. To the contrary, Jude suspects, as does his wife, that he has precipitated an escalation after sharing his findings on radiation from the French explosions.  

This crazy backdrop also mirrors his failed marriage. His wife Suzy experiences a kind of breakdown, brought on by Africa's dark character. Through Jude's insensitive nature, her mood swings are interpreted as illness and Jude has her confined to an asylum. This step has irretrievable consequences that disturb and plague Jude's unfortunate destiny.

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