Who are the Archangels?

The Archangels appear in almost every religion of the west and vary according to religion. In some parts of the world they are more venerated than in others. In particular, an orthodox church is typically decorated with icons depicting one or several of the archangels. In the Tree of Faith series, the archangels dominate the book of Whispering Birches where each protagonist displays one feature or other (e.g. Mihael is the warrior, Gavriil the courier, etc.). Throughout the books the symbology of angels prevails particularly as they are a symbol of hope in the catastrophe of the Holocaust. 


Michael - Mihael Rosenthal

Raphael - Rafael Romaniotes 

Gabriel - Gavriil Ahrenski

Uriel - Griguri Elliot

Saraqael - Ruth Stössl

Raguel - Elena Prikaznova

Remiel - Janek Aniolov

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