Truth in Ash

In 'Truth in Ash', we see Mihael fighting with the Slovakian and Czech resistance, having failed in his crusade to stop the Hungarian transports. As the Prague Uprising begins, Mihael takes part in the occupation of the Prague Radio building, but is warned off from risking his life; his commander tells him to protect himself so that he may be a witness for the future. Mihael comes into contact with his old contacts as the war conflict reaches its climax in the city of Prague. He finds out the location of the fleeing Franz Wolff and tries to persuade his old friend Janek to take revenge. This does not happen and he has to wait for his revenge in the trial after the war.

Mihael tells his account to the prosecution lawyer at Franz's post war trial. The lawyer eventually decides against using him as a witness as he can see that Mihael is too emotionally involved, for it is clear that he is driven by a hatred of Franz and Elena. Mihael plays a role in Truth in Ash when he testifies against Franz.

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