Fallen Beech

01/01/2015 14:59

When you write a book, it's good to have a music with which you can associate your ideas. My previous books were written with classical music playing. Fallen beech has a contemporary element to the story and so it was no surprise that I enjoyed listening to more modern pieces. The trees are important to me. In our modern society, we have lost many of our connections to these natural giants. It inspires absolute delight in me to see an ancient tree whether it be a Birch, Ash, Beech or any other. Our destiny on this earth is intricately linked to how we treat these friends. When you listen to 'The Forest' you are aware that they touched intothe primeval side of these creatures. It is a song that i can never hear enough of. Try this live version to experience something special. The other record dominating my listening during the book is Tubular Bells which was written alongside the Oxford Canal that features within the book. I can imagine that Mike Oldfield returned to his Pagan self as he penned the rythms and particularly when he sang the only lyrics. Finally, I am a strong believer in ecologoical balance. In the past half century, we have all but wrecked the Earth on which we live. Our greed for material and virtual goods has destroyed our appreciation of religion and nature. A music that can inspire a return to a more natural balance is the haunting tunes of Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene.

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