What is Tree of Faith?

01/24/2017 10:59

In today's world, we still define ourselves by our religious affiliation and despite all the evidence we are still inclined to believe that our faith is unique and in some way the only faith that may exist. In truth faith comes from man's inherent desire to belong to a community and to believe in the right thing to do and how to comfort and care for our fellow man. Unfortunately theis sense is too often perverted to satisfy man's lust for power and privilege. When we begin to understand that all faiths are common, simply different branches of the same tree, it may be that religion can be valued for its good side and less as a means to create division. Tree of Faith was conceived in a small measure to preach this message. A man without faith has no roots in the ground and no leaves on which to receive the sun and yet trees may coexist and deliver their life-bringing oxygen without destroying each other. Maybe we can learn from this.

Tree of Faith is a series of books where the characters are presented with challenges spanning over the past eighty years. Each book has a theme based upon religion:

Whispering Birches               Orthodox

Truth in Ash                           Roman Catholicism

Fallen Beech                         Paganism

Blood Orange Blossom        Judaism

Mahogany Rose                   Science

Banyan Veil                          Taoism, Buddhism and Confucius