What is Tree of Faith?

01/24/2017 10:59

In today's world, we often define ourselves by religious affiliation and despite all evidence, we still believe our faith unique and in some way the only true faith. Faith arises from man's inherent desire to belong and unfortunately this sense is too often perverted by lust for power and privilege. When we realize that all faiths are common, different branches of the same tree, perhaps religion can be valued for its ability to collect rather than divide. Tree of Faith was conceived to preach this message. A man without faith has no root nor leaf to receive the water and sun and yet trees may coexist, one branch of the same tree need not compete and together they deliver much-needed oxygen. Though not advocating that we worship trees, it is time that we returned to value what is right, to overturn the desire for consumption that just gives us pollution and barely sates our greed. 

Tree of Faith presents different characters over a span of eighty years and presents man's faith in its many forms. Each book focuses on one particular religion, but are interwoven such that the same cast reappear in different books just as one faith is never alone from its brethren:

Whispering Birches               Orthodox

Truth in Ash                           Roman Catholic

Fallen Beech                         Paganism

Blood Orange Blossom        Judaism

Mahogany Rose                   Science

Banyan Veil I-III                   Taoism, Buddhism, Confucius, Maoism, 

Still to be written are books that are already conceived but still under construction:

Banyan Veil III                      Shangdi and Money

Magnolia is Blue                   Theravada Buddhism

Flames of a Chinar               Hinduism

The Bitter Olive                     Islam

Cutting Elm                           Cathars

An honest Oak                      Protestantism                      

Jeremy's Box                        Acquarius

Books by Paul Richard Sully are available on most online bookstores and may be purchased in hardback, paperback or in ebook format. All books may be acquired through the following link www.lulu.com/spotlight/PaulRichardSully.