11/30/2016 14:15

The book is split into two parts, the first taking place in Hungary and the second in Israel. The overiding theme concerns the different characters that formed the independence of Israel. 

Book I sees Rudi Bastler trying to make his way in the newly formed Israel. Hailed by all as a hero on account of his wartime work in rescuing refugees, we find that he has a secret to hide. The pragmatic pushy lawyer Rudi reached a compromise with senior SS officers to send a train to neutral Switzerland. An act of bravery, courage and achievement. This was the picture Mapai, the socialist party wished to portray in their up and coming star. The remnants of Irgun now politicized in Likud saw otherwise and exposed Rudi's acts as collaboration, especially given that he testified in favour of SS colleagues after the war. Rudi pays the ultimate price in a scandal that rocks the new country.

Book II sees the arrival of two very different personalities into the Palestinian Mandate. Matthew Dixon was a British officer who imposes a brutal regime in the northern Sharon district, cracking down on the Jewish resistance. Daniel arrives as refugee, having escaped Auschwitz. He is accompanied by Elena, both of whom have strong survival instinct and look to make a new start. Whilst Elena warms to the Kibbutz community life, Daniel is recruited into the militant organization of Irgun. The story tracks the independence struggle and culminates in the Acre Prison Breakout and the Hanging of British Sergeants. Matthew's regime is undermined by a weak commander and he is forced to leave Palestine in disgrace.

The story closely tracks historic events and paints biblical characters in Rudi as Noah, Avram as Abraham and Daniel as Daniel.