Music to read the book

06/02/2016 10:19

Ghana has a rich musical heritage and there would be too much to choose from. The record that best encapsulates the book is a song marking their independence in 1957, Ghana we now have freedom by E.T. Mensah. for me the song speaks about the valid claim of Ghanaians to throw off the colonial mantle. To hear some of Kwame Nkrumah's inspiring speech try this link. A key part of the story concerns Jude's affair with Dominique who loves listening to French songs and in the background of the failed romance is Edith Piaf Je ne regrette rien adopted by the French Foreign Legion following a failed military putsch in Algeria 1961. Also to listen to is Barbara's Aigle Noir which also features in the book. Finally for a bit of fun, you might want to hear Jude's mocking tune of his Sergeant Major Pigiron Rock Island Line by Lonnie Donnegan. The song was written in reference to the slave escape route, a trade that dominated Ghana's past and is evidenced in slave forts along the Ghanaian coastline.