Author's Introduction

08/08/2016 20:47

Madness! Negative? Once defined as ‘repeatedly doing the wrong thing, in expectation of a different outcome’. Anything seems reasonable over a glass of wine and it stuck. Not because it was right, more because of the word ‘wrong’. A mad man believes he is right. In fact, he or she often considers the world wrong and on some occasions, the brightest things proved over time to be right.

Technology? Surely a positive word! It brings progress. It lifts us into the air, delivers convenience, scenic and cultural diversity. Like garlic in a dish, it stimulates, leaving behind taste. Yet, too much garlic in too big a soup, anything with edge becomes dilute, suffocated by its mass, merging to one global mix, plastics breaking to small particle, a grey and smooth gloop, no summits to climb, no depths to plummet.

You will read of a man, encountering both words and in the end, he could distinguish between neither. He began with the notion that Technology was supreme, a sort of God, its destructive capacity demonstrated in the definitive act of Hiroshima. Man was in awe of this new God. They sacrificed freedom and it in turn manufactured goods and services, tamed nature; all could be conquered through Science. In fact, man became so creative that he conceived no further need of God. Man had become God. He could create a virtual world, one free of suffering, a world of control, man at its centre, pressing the buttons. Let there be light! You! The Creator! ‘Madness’? ‘Renaissance’ we said.

Think about it! Control dominates our life and how do we attain control? Through Technology! Nobody sanely expects you to discard this new God. Yet, a lack of control is healthy. It’s natural. It’s nature. And besides, Technology comes with a catch. Like a physics equation, Creation has its opposite: Destruction. Kids bowed to screens, plastic islands as big as France, mass propaganda, weapons of mass destruction, millions in flight and the destruction of the giants that deliver us oxygen.

Worship Technology and tell me, he’s a friendly God?